Kirby Center Donors

Donor Recognition Report for Fiscal Year 2018

(July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018)


Beverly Sills Society ($100,000.00 to $249,999.00)

F.M. Kirby Foundation  


Mme. Anna Pavlova Society ($25,000.00 to $49,999.00)


Mohegan Sun Pocono  


Cyd Charisse Society ($10,000.00 to $24,999.00)

Benco Family Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Gus Genetti  

M & T Charitable Foundation  

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts  

PNC Bank  

Procter & Gamble  

The Appleseed Partnership  

Wells Fargo  


Fred Astaire ($5,000.00 to $9,999.99)

Bergman Foundation  

First National Community Bank  

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Karambelas  

Passan Foundation  

The Tambur Family Foundation

Wasserott Foundation 


Irving Berlin Circle ($2,500.00 to $4,999.00)

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.  

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Butera  

Community Bank N.A.  

E-Auto Warranty  

Mr. Rob Friedman  


Hilton Garden Inn Wilkes-Barre  

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jordan  

Luzerne County Convention & Visitors Bureau  

Pride Mobility Products  

Riggs Asset Management Company  

RJACK Foundation  



George Gershwin Society ($1,000.00 to $2,499.00)

Allied Services  

Anzalone Law Office, LLC  

Arts at Hayfield PSU  

Baker Tilly  

Berkshire Asset Management  

Casey Dental Institute PC  

Mr. Nicholas P. Chiumento  

Chubb Agribusiness  

Comitz Law Firm, LLC  

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Conyngham  

Mr. Brian Deluca  

Fellerman & Ciarimboli Law PC  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finlay  

Holiday Inn Wilkes Barre - East Mountain  

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hourigan  

Italian American Citizens Club  

Joshi Hotel Group (Fairfield Inn & Host Inn)  

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Krogulski  

Lackawanna Casualty Group  

M.M.R. Jr Prep LLC  

Marquis George MacDonald Foundation  

McCarthy Tire Service  

McCole Foundation  

Medico Industries, Inc.  

Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services  

Mr. and Mrs. John Metz  

Ms. Suanne Moses  


Mr. Frank Orloski  

Peoples Security Charitable Foundation  

Pine Creek Structures  

Power Engineering Corporation  

Mr. David Reichard  

Dr. & Mrs. David Ross  

Mr. & Mrs. John Shafer  

Straub Metal International  

Atty. and Mrs. Angelo Terrana Law

UGI Penn Natural Gas  

Mr. Pat Verrastro  

Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Weinman  

Weis Markets, Inc.  

Wilkes University  


Rodgers & Hammerstein Club ($500.00 to $999.00)

AssuredPartners of Northeastern Pennsylvania  

Ms. Cheryl Balas Sabol  

Barber Ford Inc.  

Bear Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram  

Bedwick & Jones Printers  

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Berger  

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Botzman  

Mr. and Mrs. Don E. E. Bower  

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Burnside  

Mr. Michael Campenni  

Mr. Edward L. Chukinas  Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Clements  

College Misericordia  


Davidowitz Foundation  

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Davis  

Don's Machine Shop Incorporated  

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Dugan  

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Dymond  Jr. 

Mr. Darrell Evans  

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Farrell  

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Filchak  

Gallery of Sound  

Ms. Lisa Gilchrist  

Atty. Casey A. Gillespie Jr. 

Mr. Gilbert Godfrey  

Dr. and Mrs. Ira Grossman  

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Heck  

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henry*  

Mr. John Hersker  

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoegen  

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hudacek Jr  

Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Insalaco  

Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph  

Atty. Kennedy & Brown Law Offices  

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Klepadlo  

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Klimash  

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kramer  

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lantz  

Ms. Debra Lopatofsky  

Luzerne Bank  

Mark J. Sobeck Roof Consulting  

Martin Rogers Associates  

Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Mauriello  

Mrs. Tish McCarthy Last

Drs. William & Donna McLaughlin  

Nicholas Trucking Co. Inc  

Ms. Barbara Nivert  

Ms. Rosalind Norman  

Mrs. Melissa Parente  

Penneastern Engineers, LLC  

Ms. Lucy Rado  

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D Reeves  

Ms. Patti Rosentel  

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rosto  

Atty. and Mrs. Eugene Roth  

Atty. and Mrs. David Saba  

Service Electric Cable TV & Communications  

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sokola  

Mrs. Jennifer Sordoni  

The Woodlands  

Ms. Sally Ann Thomas  

UGI Energy Services  

Stephen Voyce  

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Wallace  

Westmoreland Club  

Mr. Richard Williams  


Leonard Bernstein League ($250.00 to $499.00)

Scott & Maria Agati Edmunds  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Aliciene  Jr. 

Allan Industries  

Artemis Media Group  

Aviation Technologies  

Mrs. Catherine M. Babskie  

The Bakehouse  

Mr. Joseph Bauman  

Mr. & Mrs. Will Beekman  

Mr. Ronald Beer  

Mr. Christopher Belleman  

Mr. Donald Bernstein  

Mrs. Alice Biernacki  

Brand Graphic Solutions

Brennan Electric Inc  

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Brenner  

Mr. Richard Burns Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Busch  

Ms. Patricia Cannon  

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Castellano  

Mr. and Mrs. John Cavanaugh  

Mrs. Sandra Chickeletti  

Dr. Aliasgar Chittalia  

Ms. Veronica Ciaruffoli  

Mr. Robert Cole  

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Conigliaro  

Ms. Monica Cozzone  

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Justine Cresci  

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dainowski  

Dave Monk Electric  

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Decker  

Downtown Wilkes-Barre Business Association  

Mr. Michael Duncan  

Mr. Neil Edley  

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Falcone  

Ms. Mary Ann Ferguson  

Dr. and Mrs. Seth Fisher  

Flaherty's Drinking Est.  

Mr. Sidney Friedman  

Mr. & Mrs. James & Holly Fry  

Ms. Gwen Galasso  

Gance's Complete Catering  

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Gawlas  

Mr. Tom Gibbon  

Jeffrey Gicking  

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gorgas  

Mr. Thom Greco  

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gula  

Mr. Raymond Hassey  

Ms. Louise S. Hazeltine  

Paul Henry  

Hillard House Inn B&B  

Mr. Jay Humphreys  

Mr. Vincent Insalaco  

Brett Johnson  

Mr. Ben Jones  

Mr. Kris Jones  

Mr. John Joseph  

Ms. Sharon Kaminski  

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kaufer  

King's College  

Kleen Air Systems, Inc.  

Mr. Paul Kobierecki  

Ms. Nancy Kovatch Patton  

Ms. Kimberly Kretchmer  

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Krywicki  

Ms. Donna Broda Kuliczkowski  

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lagana  

Mr. and Mrs. Don Laux  

Ms. Debbie Lefkowitz  

Mr. Leo Lehman  

Mr. John Levenduski  

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lombardo  

Luzerne Foundation  

Ms. Mary Ann Lyons  

Mrs. Cynthia Mahalick  

Mr. Charles Mason  

Master Travel  

Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Jackie Matthews  

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Melberger  

Mr. Douglas W. Metzgar  

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur N. Meyer  

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller  

Dr. James Miller  

Mr. and Mrs. John Moga  III 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moisey  

Ms. Burrell Montz-Covey  

Mr. James Murphy  

Mr. James Musto  

N.R.G. Controls North, Inc.  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Nardone  

Northeast Eagle Distributors  

Mr. Jay Notartomaso  

Mr. and Mrs. Louis O'Boyle  

Mr. Nick Ouellette  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Panzitta  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Panzitta  

Representative Eddie Day Pashinski  

Dr. William Pavlick  

Drs. Mark & Shelley Pensak  

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Piccone  

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pluskey  

Mrs. Lauren Pluskey McLain  

Mr. John Polvinale  

Atty. and Mrs. Joseph A. Quinn  Jr. 

Ms. Paula T. Quinn  

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Radics  

Erin Rebo  

Mrs. Mary Reddy  

Mr. James Reino  

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rifkin  

Dr. and Mrs. John Rothschild  

Mr. Joesph Runco  

Mr. David Sabestinas  

Deborra Schauss  

Mr. Larry Schlude  

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Schreder  

Ms. Jill Schwartz  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scocozzo  

Service 1st FCU  

Mr. Sean Shay  

Ms. Pamela Shonk  

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sorick  

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sperrazza  

Mr. Robert Stitzer  

Mr. Mark Suchter  

Ms. Joanne Swantkowski  

Mr. Robert Tamburro  

Mr. and Mrs. John Tereska  

Atty. John J. Terrana Esq. 

The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders  

Christopher Tino  

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Torbik  

Dr. Michalene Torbik  

Mr. Tom Torbik  

Atty. and Mrs. Joseph Van Jura  

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Visintainer  

Vision Imaging of Kingston  

Dr. Jeff Walker  

Mr. Jack Weinberg  

Mr. Stefan Wieland  

Wilkes-Barre Economic Development Corporation  

Mrs. Katie Williams  

Williams Kinsman Lewis Architecture  

Ms. Robyn Zukoski  


Cecil B. DeMille Society ($100.00 to $249.00)

Mr. Richard Adams  

Mr. and Mrs. John Adonizio  

Mr. John Alberola  

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Andrews  

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Aquilina  

Ms. Stacia Lee Arnaud  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Arnone  

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Atherholt  

Ms. Kathey Atwell  

Mr. David Auchinleck  

Mr. & Mrs. John Ayre  

Baab Opticians  

Ms. Theresa Ann Babonis  

Back Mountain Coffee Service  

Ms. Krystina Baker  

Mr. Daniel Balutis  

Gregory Banks  

Ms. Pamela Barton  

Robin Barycki  

Mr. Keith T Bayer  

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bazzarri  

Ms. Sheila Beck  

Bednash & Yurchak Advertising, Inc.  

Ms. Joan M. Beeunas  

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Belak  

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bisagni  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Biscontini  

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Blum  

Mr. David Bogaert  

Ms. Angela Bolesta  

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bonham  

Mr. & Mrs. Kim Borland  

Dan Boyle  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Boyle  

Mr. James Bozzuto  

Mr. Ken Breiner  

Atty. Donald Brobst  

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Brobst  

Ms. Diana Brotschul  

Mr. & Mrs. James Brown  

Mr. and Mrs. James Brozena  

Mr. Ed Brudnicki  

Mr. & Mrs. John Bryk  

Ms. Carrie Bubul  

Mr. William Buerger  

Ms. Mary Jane Bugda  

Mr. Joseph Burgess  

Mr. Alfred Burian  

Ms. Carolyn Burke  

Atty. Michael Butera  

Ms. Cathy Caffrey  

Mr. Shawn Calkins  

Mr. John Callahan  

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Callahan  

Judge and Mrs. A. Richard Caputo  

Vicki Carbone  

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carey  

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carl  

Mr. and Mrs. John Chamberlain  

Ms. Lindsay Chamberlain  

Ms. Susan Charnetski  

Ms. Nancy Chauvin  

Ms. Kathleen Chernavage  

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Chesna  

Circles on the Square, Inc.  

Mr. Alexander Clabia  

Dawn Clark  

Mr. Robert Coburn  

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Coffee  

Ms. Dianne Cohen  

Mr. Nicholas J Colarossi  

Mr. Philip Condron  

Mr. & Mrs. James Connors  

Mr. Gary Conrad  

Ms. Ruth Corcoran  

Ms. Darlene Cragle  

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Craig  

Mr. Joseph Culkin  

Mr. and Mrs. John Curham  

Mr. Albert D'Aloisio  

Mr. Glenn Davis  

Louey Davis  

Mr. Stephen J. J. Davis  

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Davis  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dehaut  

Carol and Don Dembert  

Mr. Joseph Desanto  

Mr and Mrs Patrick Donohue  

Al Dorunda  

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dube  

Mr. Robert Dupre  

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Durako  

Ms. Bobbi Ann Dwyer  

Mr. Jeff Eckhart  

Edward's Landscaping Service, Inc.  

Ms. Susan Elczyna  

Mrs. Miriam Jeanne Elias  

Jane Elmes Crahall  

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Engel  

Mr. Michael Evanina  

Mr. Robert Evans  

Ms. Karen Faillace  

Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Falcone  

Ms. Patrice Farda  

Mr. Gary Febbi  

Drs. Raymond & Kelly Felins  

Christina Fellin  

Ms. Mary Ferraro  

Ms. Shyann Fisher  

Mr. Barry Fitzsimmons  

Mr. and Mrs. John Fletcher  

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Forry  

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Foust  

Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Frantz  

Dr. and Mrs. Louis Freedman  

Mr. Mark Frumkin  

Ms. Diane Frusciante  

Dr. and Mrs. John Frye  

Mr. and Mrs. Maxim Furek  

Helen & Jan Gabriel  

Ms. Amy Gale  

Mr. Dan Gallagher  

Mr. David Gallagher  

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gallis  

Ms. Linda Gately  

Mr. and Mrs. John Gavenonis  

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gelatka  

Miss Lara Gianuzzi  

Ms. Chrystal and Jesse Giffiths  

Ms. Denise Gilbert  

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Gillespie  

Ms. Kathleen Gilmore-Rahl  

Mr. Sam Gintoff  

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Giordano  

Ms. Victoria Giovannucci  

Ms. JoEllen Gittens  

Ms. Miriam Giza  

Ms. Monica Gleason  

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Goeringer  

Dr. Eugene D. Gorski  

Ms. Marie Grabowski  

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Grasavage  

Denise Gray  

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Greenfield   

Darlene & Christina Gregory  

Ms. Roberta Griffis  

Ms. Donna Grobelny  

Ms. Gretta Gross  

Ms. Mary Beth Guyette  

Mr. John F Gyory  

Ms. Cheryl Hagan  

Mr. James Haggerty  

A.J. Hamler  

Ms. Sandra Hammond  

Mr. David Harris  

Ms. Maureen Harrity-Jones  

Mr. Gerard Harvilla  

Ms. Theresa Haynos  

Terrance and Kelly Henry  

Mr. Mark Hess  

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hilsher  

Jaime Hobbs  

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hodakowski  

Audrey Hodle  

Ms. Candice L. Hoffman  

Mr. John Hogan  

Mr. Jim Hollock  

Mr. Michael Hopkins  

House of Nutrition  

Ms. Suzanne Houseknecht  

Mrs. Regina Hrichison  

Mr. Eric Hughes  

Mr. John J. Hughes Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Humiston  

Ms. Sandra Hyman-Mehaffey  

Mr. Joseph Jabore  

Ms. Ann Jack  

Jack's Auto Paint & Collision Repair  

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jaffe  

Mr. John Jaffin  

Ms. Dianne Jenkins  

Mr. and Mrs. Tony John  

Mr. & Mrs. George Jones  

Mr. Jeffrey Jones  

Mr. David Joyce  

Jennifer Jugus  

Mr. John Juka  

Ms. Carol Kaleta  

Ms. Mary Kalinoski  

Ms. Carolyn Kaminski  

Ms. Donna Kazmierski  

Ms. Patricia Keefer  

Ms. Mary Ann Keirans  

Ms. Rosalie Kerpovich  

Mrs. Jean Marie Kile  

Heather Kleber  

Ms. Lynette Klinger  

Mr. Jonathan Kopka  

Mr. John Koschak  

Ms. Michelle Kozicki  

Ms. Jude Krady  

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Kranson  

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Kreglewicz  

Ms. Donna Krzywicki  

Mr. and Mrs. John Kuderka  Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walt Kuharchik  

John Kurovsky  

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Kutish  

Mr. Kevin Lamont  

Ms. Shelley Lang  

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip and Marguerite Latinski  

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lenahan  

Mr. Andrew Lentowski  

Mr. Robert Leonard  

Mr. and Mrs. William Lester  

Mr. Scott Letcher  

Bill and Mary Ellen Lewis  

Ms. Cheryl Lewis  

Mr. Michael Libenson  

Mr. Scott Linde  

Mr. John F. Lishok  

Mr. John Lisman  

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Logue  

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Long  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Loyek  

Ms. Kassandra Lutchko  

Mr. and Mrs. John Lynch  

Dr. John Lynott  

Mr. & Mrs. Tim and Marianne Lyons  

Mr. Paul Makowski  

Mr. Robert Malloy  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maloney Jr. 

Mr. Philip Mancini  

Ms. Margaret Manley  

Mr. Kevin B. Manning  

Mr. John J. Martini  

Margo McDonald  

Ms. Christina McGarry  

Mr. Forrest McGrath  

Mr. Thomas McGrath  

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McHugh III 

Ms. Darla McMichael  

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Meade  

Mr. Manuel Menendez  

Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Lucy Messersmith  

Mr. Michael Miller  

Mr. William Miller  

Mr. Ryan Moczulski  

Mr. Chuck Moore  

Ms. Colleen Morda  

Mr. John Morgan  

Gino Mori  

Lewis Morris  

Mr. Michael Morrison  

Ms. Michelle Murmello  

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Murphy  

Ms. Alma Murphy Deroja  

Ms. Dena Nackley  

Mr. George Nackley  

Dr. George Nahas  

Ms. Susan Najaka  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Napolitano  

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Nardone  

Dr. Gary Nataupsky  

Mr. Raymond Nestor  

Ms. Sandra Newcomb  

Mr. Joseph Newhart  

Ms. Heather Newport  

Ms. Maylan Nicholson  

Ms. Claudia Niezgoda  

Mrs. Anna Niznik  

Mr. Joseph Nocito  

Mr. Robert Noto  

Darryl Novak  

Ms. Diane Nowakowski  

Judith and Jeffrey Null  

Atty. & Mrs. Christopher O'Donnell  

Mrs. Nancy O'Donnell  

Brian O'Hearn  

Ms. Joanne Olejnick  

Pam Oliveira  

Mr. Al Onuschak  

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Oshinski  

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Ott  

Mr. John Parsons  

Ms. Mandy Pasko  

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pattison  

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pavlick  

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pawloski  

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Payne  

Dr. Lanny Pelliccia  

Mr. Gary Pelucacci  

Mr. and Mrs. John Petrisko  

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Piccolo  

Dr. Kari Pietralczyk  

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pinnacoli  

Mr. Gabe Pocceschi  

Mr. Robert Polachek  

Ms. Susan Pons  

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Popko Jr. 

Robert and Marie Prego  

Mr. George Prehatin   

Mr. George Rable  

RACO Watch & Jewelry  

Mr. William Reinard  

Ms. Bonnie Reining  

Mr. Kurt Riedener  

Ms. Christine Rinaldi  

Mr. David Rivet  

Mr. Keith Robak  

Mr. Jim Roberts  

Mr. Paul Roberts  

Mr. Robert Robinson  

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rothery  

Ms. Susan Rudofker  

Bill and Joanne A. Runner Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ruth  

Ms. Theresa Rybak  

Ms. Judith Sabatino  

Ms. Melissa Saidman  

Mr. & Mrs. John Sanville  

Ms. Deneen Sarnick  

Mr. Vince Savinelli  

Sanjay Saxena  

Joy Scott   

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Scrobola  

Mr. & Mrs. John Serafin  

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Shaffer  

Joseph & Maribeth M. Sheehan  

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Shemo  

Ms. Barbara J. Sherinsky  

Mr. and Mrs. Fran Sickler  

Mr. Robert E. Silvi  

Mr. Paul Simkulak  

Mr. and Mrs. John Simpson  

Mr. Francis Singley  

Mr. Mark Skevofilax  

Ms. Suzanne Skurnowicz  

Ms. Dawn Smith  

Ms. Gretchen Smith  

Ms. Joyce Smith  

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Smith  

Mr. Richard Snowdon  

Ms. Maureen Snyder  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snyder  

Ms. Diane Specht  

Mr. Thomas Specht  

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sperling  

Ms. Deborah Spring  

Ms. Beth Ann Stair  

Ms. Mary Stanisci  

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stankiewicz  

Mr. and Mrs. William Starr  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stiff   

Ms. Diane Stilp  

Ms. Sue Stofko  

Mr. Jeff Stolarcyk  

Mr. Brian Stone  

Ms. Mary Ann Styer  

Ms. Antoinette Suda  

Ms. Tracey Sutliff  

Ann & John Sweeney  

Ms. Roseann Swegel  

Mr. John Szarek  

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Szczecinski  

Mr. Robert Tagert  

Atty. and Mrs. Garry Taroli  

Mr. Louis Taroli  

Mr. Lino Terzi  

The Charles & Denny Barber Family Fund of The Luzerne Foundation  

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas  

Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Toole  

Mr. Anthony Traglia  

Margaret Urban  

Mr. & Mrs. Jared Urbanski  

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Vanston  

Ms. Patricia Varzaly  

Ms. Mary Ann Vasell  

Mr. Kurtis Veit  

Mr. George Veneroso  

Mr. Steve Versuk  

Geraldine Vickers  

Mr. Karl Wallen  

Mr. Jeff Walsh  

Ms. Kristen Walsh  

Mr. Mark Warshal  

Mr. Scott Watkins  

Mr. & Mrs. Rickey Weaver  

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wende  

Mr. Paul Wendolowski  

Ms. Jill Wetzel  

Ms. Rebecca White  

Mr. Mirko Widenhorn  

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Wilde Jr. 

Ms. Margaret Wilk  

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins  

Dr. and Mrs. Dale Wilkie  

Mrs. Rose Marie Williams  

Ms. Joanann Wilson  

Ronald Wimpfheimer  

Ms. Jeanne Wisnewski  

Mr. Carl Witkowski  

Ms. Michele Wolff  

Kevin Womelsdorf  

Mr. and Mrs. David Woodring  

Ms. Rae Yazdzik  

Ms. Marita Youells  

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Young  

Mrs. Elaine Zavada  

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Zeveney  Jr. 

Mr. Joel Zitofsky  

Mrs. Shirley Zolner  

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Zurad  


Cynthia Gregory Society ($50.00 to $99.99)

Ms. Connie Adams  

Ms. Eileen Aguiar  

Mr. John Alapick  

Ms. Leah Amico  

Ms. Amanda Ammermann  

Mr. Bradley Arnaud  

Mr. Andrew Augustine  

Marian Bailey  

Ms. Mary Baker  

Joann Baldo  

Mr. Anthony Barbose  

Mr. Joseph Barley  

Mr. Mark Barrouk  

Mr. and Mrs. George Bedwick  

Mr. David Begliomini  

Ms. Marie Belasco  

Mr. and Mrs. Cataldo Bellanca Jr. 

Belrick Corporation  

Dr. and Mrs. J. Benkinney  

Mr. Scott Bennett  

Mr. John Berlyn  

Ms. Lisa Bertolette  

Mr. Robert Beu  

Ms. Carole Birkelbach  

Ms. Mary Biscontini  

Mr. John Bittner  

Mr. and Mrs. James Black  

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Blum  

Brian Bobeck  

Ms. Denise Bodey  

Mr. James Boland  

Rich Bonning  

Brittany Boote  

Mr. Scot Bowers  

Ms. Kathy Bozinski  

Ms. Jayne Britt  

Dr. and Mrs. Fred Brown  

Mr. John Buffamonte  

Mr. Steve Burggaller  

Mr. Joseph Butkiewicz  

Ms. Julia Byriel  

Mr. and Mrs. William Callahan  

Mr. Christopher R. Camp  

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Campbell  

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Capozzelli  

Leslie Carey  

Brian Carpenter  

Ms. Michele Carter  

Ms. Donna Casey  

Atty. and Mrs. Jerry B. Chariton  

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chisarick  

Ms. Estelle Chunca  

Mr. Anthony Cimino  

Ms. Beatta Cimo  

Ms. Nancy Ciotola  

Mr. Thomas Cola  

Ms. Diane Coleman  

Mr. & Mrs. John Colwell  

Chris Cordaro  

Mr. John Cornelius  

Mr. Mark Costello  

Mr. Frank Coughlin  

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Coulter  

Mr. John A Coupell  

Ms. Romilda Crocamo  

Ms. Carol Crolick  

Ms. Kathleen Culp  

Ms. Bonnie Culver  

Ms. Andrea Cunningham  

Mr. Joseph D'Andrea  

David Davis  

Mr. James Davis  

Mr. Larry Debusk  

Mr. Charles Deitz  

Mr. Jeffery Delong  

Mr. John L. Demore  

Mr. & Mrs. George Denke  

Mrs. Sandy Depoti  

Mr. Eric DeProssimo   

Ms. Judy Desarro  

Nora Devine  

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Dick  

Ms. Madison Dompkosky  

Ms. Evelyn Dopko  

Ms. Ann Dougherty  

Mr. Robert J. Drago  

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Drake  

Ms. Rose Ducharme  

Margaret Dunay  

Ms. Kathy Dwyer  

Ms. Nancy Eaton  

Mr. Robert Edgerton Jr. 

Chris Erhardt  

Mr. Jeffrey Evans  

Ms. Marcie Evans  

Mr. Eberhard Faber  

Ms. Robin Fanelli  

Mr. Matt Fay  

Ms. Renita Fennick  

Ms. Danette Fife  

Mr. Owen Figgles  

Ms. Margaret Floryshak  

Margie Ford  

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Forlenza  

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Formica  

Ms. Carol L. Forzani  

Ms. Marie Foy  

Ms. Joan Francis  

Ms. Mary T. Franklin  

Mr. Howard Freed  

Mr. Ronald H Freeman  

Ms. Dianne French  

Mr. Michael Fry  

Ms. Deborah Fudjak  

Stacy Gallagher  

Mr. Joseph Gasper  

Mr. Andrew W. Gawlik  

Ms. Kerry George  

Ms. Marianne W. Gibbons  

Ms. Diana Giovannini  

Mr. & Mrs. Walt Glogowski  

Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Glowatski  

Jan Golden  

Chuck Grabosky  

Mr. George Grantuskas  

Mr. Larry Greenfield  

William & Doris Greiner  

Mr. Richard Grossman  

Mr. Bob Gryziec  

Ms. Donna Guiterrez  

Ms. Deborah Hartzog  

Donald Harworth  

Ms. Grace Hassey  

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hastings  

Mr. Joseph Healey  

Ms. Peggy Helveston  

Ms. Joan Hennigan  

Ms. Ann Hewitt  

Mr. John Hidock  

Ms. Christine Himmelberger  

Mr. James Hogan  

Mr. Jim Holcomb  

Mr. & Mrs. John Hooker  

Mr. Richard Hudak  

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hughes III 

Frank E Hujber  

Joel Hunsinger  

Ms. Marie Husty   

Dr. David Hutz  

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Iwanowski  

Mr. Jerry Jackson  

Mr. Wayne Jackson  

Mr. Joseph Janov  

Ms. Elaine Marie Jeffreys  

Albert Jensen  

Scott Johnson  

Ms. Beverly Jean Johnston  Jr. 

Mr. Christian Jugans  

Ms. Julie Jurchak  

Ms. Francis Jurkiewicz  

Mr. James Kearney  

Michelle Keiper  

Patricia Kepner  

Mr. Peter Keselicka  

Ms. Angela Kiesinger  

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Kittelson  

Mr. Donald C. Kivler  

Dr. and Mrs. John Koch  

Ms. Joanne Kogoy  

Paul and Coleen Komishock  

Mr. Michael Kosydar  

Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Kotzer  

Ms. Kelli Kowalczyk  

Ms. Kathryn Kownacki  

Mr. John Kozich  

Ms. Michelle Kozich  

Mr. Mike Krakosky  

Mr. Borys Krawczeniuk  

Ms. Sharon Krawetz  

Mr. Jonathan P. Kray  

Ms. Maryann Kropiewnicki  

Ms. Elizabeth Kuchinski  

Mr. Chris Kuratnick  

Mr. Richard Kurilla  

Mr. Roger Lacy  

Ms. Brittany Lasoski  

Mel Lawson  

Mr. Ryan Lehman  

Mr. Park Leitzel  

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lenahan  

Mr. Allen Lockwood  

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lopresto  

Jamie Lovinger  

Ms. Linda Lown  

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lucas  

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Luksh  

Dr. Bill J. Lutes  

Mr. Robert Lynn  

Dr. and Mrs. Michael MacDowell  

Mr. Mark Mahal  

Mr. Matthew Mahalak  

Mr. Phillip Majewski  

Terry Maloney   

Mr. James Maria  

Mr. Gene Marrazzo  

Ms. Susan Marshall  

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Martin  

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Martinelli  

Joseph Martinez  

Mr. Ray Massey  

Mr. & Mrs. John Mattei  

Mr. Mark Maylath  

Mr. Quentin McClellan  

Thomas and Edna McClintock  

Ms. Sheila McDonnell  

Mr. Gene McDonough  

Ms. Jessica McDonough  

Mr. James McGraw  

Mr. Terry McHenry  

Ms. Anna Mary McHugh  

Ms. Nancy McLain  

Mr. Raymond Mead  

Mr. & Mrs. JP Meck  

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meek  

Mr. and Mrs. George Meeker  

Ms. Lisa Melnick  

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Merli  

Gwenlyn Meyers  

Mr. Sandy Miklaszewicz  

Ms. Mary Beth Mikolayczak  

Mr. Edward Miller  

Ms. Susan Miller  

Mr. & Mrs. Don and Patti Mills  

Mr. James Mills  

Marie C Miniter  

Mrs. Linda Mitchell  

Mr. Steve Mitchneck  

Ms. Sherry Molner  

Ms. Debbie Morgan  

Valerie Morse  

Michaelene Murphy  

Ms. Deanna Namowicz  

Ms. Carolyn Nardelli  

Joyce Nardozzi  

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Nawrocki  

Mr. Greg Naylor  

Maura Nerbecki   

Mr. Lawrence Newman  

Mr. Harry Nicholson  

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Niznik  

Mr.& Mrs. Chris Norton  

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Novak  

Mr. Dave Nutaitis  

Ms. Barbara Nye  

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Donnell  

Ms. Kimberly Ohl  

Mr. Timothy Olson  

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Ms. Darlene Orlandini  

Denise Overman  

Ms. Emilee Owens  

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pacuska  

Mr. Len Paczkowski  

Ms. Debbie Palmer  

Ms. Sheila Parafati  

Mr. Kevin Paralis  

Mr. Richard Peluso  

Mr. Mark Perugino  

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Phair  

William Phillips  

Ms. Diana Pickering  

Mr. Ken Pilkonis  

Mr. Charles Portman  

Andrew Potsko  

Ms. Nicole Prezkop  

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Price  

Ms. Carmela Pudimott  

Mr. Vito Quaglia  

Louise Quinn  

Mr. Peter Quinn  

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Quinn  

Ms. Joann Ready  

Mr. James Reeser  

Ms. Celeste Regan  

Ms. Paula Reynolds  

Ms. Mary Rinehimer  

Mr. Rowland Ritts  III 

Mr. Joseph Ritzko  

Ms. Anne Rodella  

Ms. Esther Rodrigues-Umbriac  

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Rogers  

Mr. Andrew Roke  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rowlands  

Ms. Martha Ruch-Kunsman  

Ms. Jennifer Rushton  

Daniel Rutecki  

Ruth's Chris  

Mr. Nicholas Sagliano Jr  

Ms. Donna Salerno  

Ms. Monica Salerno  

Allison Samanas  

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Samler  

Mr. Christopher Sanders  

Mr. Thomas Sarnoski  

Mr. Kurt Sauer  

Mr. Robert M. Savakinus  

Ms. Michaeline Savitski-Lacey  

Mr. Charles Schaefer  

Ms. Diane Schafer  

George Schambach  

Ms. Ashley Schell  

Mr. Robert Schuster  

Ms. Deborah Scoda  

Amanda Scott   

Ms. Phyllis Scott  

Ms. Kathleen Sebastian  

Paul Sedlak  

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sgarlat  

Mr. David Shane  

Ms. Antoinette Shedleski  

Ms. Rosanna Sherick  

Ms. Susan Shimonis  

Ms. Sharon Shuleski  

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shuta  

Mr. Joel Sicherman  

Ms. Karen Sirocki  

Ms. Lacey Sitas  

Freida Skaff  

Ms. Rita Skechus  

Ms. Suzanna Slator  

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Smulyan  

Terry Snyder  

Ms. Kathleen Specht  

Ms. Lily A. Stahley  

Ms. Deborah Stanski  

Mr. James Starosta  

Ms. Christine Stella  

Cheri Stempien  

Mr. Michael Stuchlak  

Ms. Diane Styer  

Ms. Janis Sudal  

Ms. Brenda Swartz  

Jeanette Tait  

Sara Terhune  

Mr. & Mrs. James Thomas  

Ms. Kathy Tirpak  

Lynn Tomko  

Ms. Sandra Touw  

Ms. Mary Trischetta  

Nicholas Trumpikas  

Mr. Robert Ufberg  

Mr. Carl Urbanski  

Mr. Rick Uter  

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Valenti  

Mr. Joseph Vender  

Mr. Richard Venturi  

Ms. Nancy Verbryck  

Ms. Kelli Vinciarelli  

Ms. Teresa Vojtek  

Mr. Scott Walck  

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Mr. Christopher J Walsh  

Ms. Debbie Warkevicz  

Mr. William Waters  

Mr. John Weber  

Ms. Rebecca Weitzel  

Jeffrey Westforth  

Mr. Josh White  

Mr. Theodore Wiaterowski  

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Mr. Gary Williams  

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Willis  

Ms. Jacqueline Willison  

Mr. Van G. Wilson  

Mr. James Wojcak  

Ms. Elaine Woodland  

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Mr. Joseph Yachimowski  

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Yanoshak  

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Yarmel  

Ms. Karen Yarrish  

Ms. Irene Yorn  

Ms. Brittany Young  

Mr. Benjamin Youngerman  

Ms. Patricia Zaborsky  

Mr. Zak Zavada  

Ms. Mary Beth Zekus  

Bryan Zukawski  


Friends ($1.00 to $49.99)  

Ms. Molly Carr  

Mr. & Mrs. Tara Connors  

Briana Hughes  

Kelly Markwell  

Tracy McFadden  

Vanessa McLain  

Ms. Eunice Rubel  

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Sprague  

The Cafe  

Maura Tochelli  

Jacquie Yusko  


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