Kirby Center Donors

For Recognition Year 2015 using 2014 Gifts.          



Beverly Sills Society   "$100,000 - $249,000" 

            F.M. Kirby Foundation

            InterMetro Industries Corp., John G. Nackley, CEO

            Mr. Richard Maslow


Luciano Pavarotti Society     "$75,000 - $99,999"    

            M&T Bank


Andrew Lloyd Webber     "$50,000-$74,999"

            Benco Dental

            Rob and Sid Friedman


            Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs

            The Parente Family



Mme. Anna Pavlova Society     "$25,000-$49,999"

            Atty. and Mrs. William F. Anzalone

            Berkshire Asset Management


            Boscov's Department Store, LLC

            Mr. and Mrs. Gus Genetti

            Grotto Pizza


            Medico Industries

            John C. and Mary Metz - Metz Culinary Management

            Suanne Moses

            Susan and Scott Meuser

            RJACK Fund of the Luzerne Foundation



Cyd Charisse Society    "$10,000-$24,999"

            Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

            Barber Ford

            Stuart and Carolyn Bell

            Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Castellano

            Frank and Marion Conyngham

            Davidowitz Foundation

            Mr. Louis DeNaples

            First Liberty Bank and Trust

            First National Community Bank

            The Hal & Jean Flack Family Fund of the Luzerne Foundation

            Riggs Asset Management

            Dr. and Mrs. Ira Grossman

            Guard Insurance Group

            The Henry Family Fund of the Luzerne Foundation

            Mr. and Mrs. Scott Henry

            Hilton Garden Inn Wilkes-Barre

            Estate of Jean R. Hughes

            "John H. Kennedy, Esq."

            Ken and Ann Krogulski

            Marquis George MacDonald Foundation

            Moses & Gelso Law Offices

            Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

            PPL Electric

            The P&G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

            Chris and Tom Pugh

            Quad3 Group

            Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Rifkin

            Alex and Pam Rogers

            Atty. and Mrs. Eugene Roth

            Shoval Foundation

            Dr. and Mrs. Richard Silberman


            Atty. and Mrs. Angelo C. Terrana Jr.

            The Fund for Luzerne County

            Tambur Family Foundation

            Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, an affiliate of Commonwealth Health

            Linda Casey and Richard Williams

            Wyoming Valley Motors


Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers Society      "$5,000-$9,999"  

            Arena Bar & Grill

            Mr. Brian J. Benedetti

            Mrs. Justin Bergman, Jr. - The Bergman Foundation

            Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Caladie

            Tim Evans

            Mr. and Mrs. Dwight M. Davis

            Mr. and Mrs. Philip Decker

            Evelyn and Alan Finlay

            Rob and Stephanie Finlay

            Dr. and Mrs. Loren Grossman

            Molly and Frank Hoegen

            Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Karambelas

            Maseychik Associates

            Barbara C. Merdiushev

            Baker Tilly

            Power Engineering Corp.

            Rosenn,Jenkins and Greenwald, L.L.P.

            The Straub Family Fund of the Luzerne Foundation

            The Wasserott Foundation

            Wells Fargo


Irving Berlin Circle    "$2,500-$4,999"  

            AAAA Limousine

            The Black Horse Foundation


            Scott and Daylene Burnside

            Edith L. Reynolds Trust

            Frontier Communications

            Joshi Hotel Group

            Lackawanna Casualty Group

            Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jordan

            Mr. and Mrs. John Parente

            Mr. John C. Polvinale


            Snyder and Clemente

            Thomas M. Gill & Company

            Mr. and Mrs. George Maculloch

            The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph Van Jura

            Pat Verrastro



            Woodcock Foundation for the Appreciation of the Arts, Inc.


George Gershwin Society "$1,000-$2,499"  

            Ace Agribusiness

            Ms. Claudia Adams

            Allstate Foundation Agency - Russett Insurance

            Jeffrey and Margie Andrews

            Arts at Hayfield, Penn State University Wilkes-Barre Campus

            Cheryl Balas Sabol

            Ms. Carol Weiss Baltimore

            John Bartorillo

            Donald Bernstein and Patricia Taylor

            Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cavanaugh, Jr.

            CDS Creative

            Mr. Michael Clonan

            Mr. and Mrs. John N. Conyngham III

            Cornell Iron Works, Inc.

            Mr. and Mrs. John DeBalso

            Ms. Kimberly Duffy-Wylam

            Ms. Cara Dunsmuir

            Paul J. Siegel

            Erwine Home Health & Hospice, Inc.

            First National Bank

            Mr. James Gordan

            Hawk Mountain Laboratories, Inc.

            Mr. and Mrs. Wayne & Molly Hinkin

            John and Suzanne Joseph

            Susan Kaczorowski

            Mr. and Mrs. David Kellmer

            Kleen Air Systems

            Amanda and Joseph Kluger

            Brian and Nancy Kramer

            Mr. Scott Linde, Linde Enterprises, Inc.

            Luzerne Bank

            Luzerne County Bar Association Charitable Foundation

            Luzerne County Convention and Visitors Bureau

            Martin Rogers Associates

            Master Garment Cleaners

            Master Travel

            David A. Mathis

            Mr. and Mrs. John McCarthy

            Mr. John McCarthy

            McCole Foundation

            Kathy Montz Miller

            Ann Negvesky

            Dr. Catherine Osmun

            Penn Security Charitable Foundation


            The Bakehouse

            Robert Triani

            UGI Penn Natural Gas

            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Wallace

            Michael Ward

            Dr. and Mrs. Herb Weinman

            Mr. and Mrs. Jared Widman

            Anne Marie & Douglas Yeager

            Kevin and Erin Yurko


Rodgers & Hammerstein Club    $500 - $999

            Ms. Desiree Anderson

            Mr. Kenneth Bailey

            Gene Brady

            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Busch

            Kathleen Button

            Jeanine Butts

            Mrs. Denise S. Cesare

            United One Resources, Inc.

            Mr. and Mrs. Larry Churnetski

            Salvatore J. Conigliaro

            CSI International, Inc.

            Ben and Helene Dainowski

            Dr. and Mrs. Charles Davis

            Catherine Delaney

            Effects Unlimited

            Michael and Hazel Farrell

            Bill and Joan Godlewski

            Gretta A. Gross

            Ms. Karen Haller

            Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hourigan

            Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Khoudary

            Mr. and Mrs. Rob Klepadlo

            Lawyers Land Abstract, Inc.

            Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lantz

            Peter and Cynthia Mahalick

            Carmen and Rita Mauriello

            Drs. William and Donna McLaughlin

            Mericle Properties

            James V. Musto

            Mr. and Mrs. John J. Petrisko

            Bob and Molly Radics

            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rosto

            Jill Schwartz

            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scocozzo

            Service Electric Cable TV & Communications

            Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sokola

            Dr. Sanford Sternlieb

            The Lodge at Woodloch

            Lynn Vandeberg

            Michael Wilczynski

            David Woodring


Leonard Bernstein League      $250 - $499

            A.J. Lupas Insurance Agency, Inc.

            Scott and Maria Agati Edmunds

            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Aliciene, Jr.

            Allan Industries

            Kay Babskie

            Bear Chrysler Dodge Jeep

            Dr. Rachel Berbano

            Mrs. John S. Biernacki

            Patrica A. Bockowski

            Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

            Dr. & Mrs. Scott Boyle & Family

            Richard Burns

            Mr. and Mrs. Peter Butera

            Dr. and Mrs. Michael Callahan

            Veronica Ciaruffoli

            Circles on the Square, Inc.

            Dr. and Mrs. Robert Clements

            James B. Connors

            Miriam Jeanne Elias

            Dr. Frank Falcone, Jr. & Linda Rozanelli

            Mr. and Mrs. Albert Finarelli, Jr.

            Flaherty's Drinking Establishment

            Fleet Bank

            Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Fleischman

            Dr. Bernard and Sandra Frantz

            Mr. Sidney Friedman

            Dr.  And Mrs. John Frye

            Dr. and Mrs. John C. Gaudio

            Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Gawlas

            Andrew W. Gawlik

            Donald Gerhard

            Gilbert Godfrey

            Ms. Adrienne Gonda

            Sally & Stan Gorgas

            Sandra and Thomas Gula

            Mary Beth Guyette

            Carole Coffee

            Paul and Kathy Henry

            Sandy and Marlene Insalaco

            Ann Jack

            Joseph S. O'Connor Real Estate

            Ms. Kimberly Kretchmer

            Dr. William and Nancie Krywicki

            Donna Broda Kuliczkowski

            Dr. and Mrs. Paul Kutish

            Lynn Langdon

            Mr. and Mrs. Don Laux

            William and Christina Leandri

            John Levenduski

            Michael Ley, CPA

            Luzerne Optical Laboratories, Ltd.

            Ms. Marianne Lyons

            Mary Ann Lyons

            Charles Mason

            Dr. and Mrs. Arthur N. Meyer

            John and Mary Moga

            The Honorable & Mrs. Hugh F. Mundy

            Dr. George Nahas and Donahue Orthodontics

            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Nardone

            John Nixon

            Neil and Cathy O'Donnell

            Kelly Odwyer

            Frank R. Orloski, Jr.

            Frank and Adeline Orloski

            Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pagoda

            Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Panzitta

            Michael & Nancy Parsons

            Atty. and Mrs. Joseph A. Quinn, Jr.

            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Quinnan

            David L. Ritter

            Rob Robinson

            Esther Rodrigues-Umbriac

            Dr. David Ross

            Dr. and Mrs. John Rothschild

            Dr. and Mrs. Frank Schreder

            Mark and Carol Serafin

            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Sheehan

            Donald Sherwood

            Robert E. Silvi

            Mr. and Mrs. Walt Skawski

            Mrs. George B. Sordoni

            Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sperling

            Mr. & Mrs. David Stroud

            Suzann and John Tereska

            Charles and Mary Thomas

            Dr. Michalene Torbik

            Tuzzi Baking Company

            Mr. and Mrs. Louis Visintainer

            Westmoreland Club

            Tip Wright

            Dr. William and Irene Ziegler III


Cecil B. DeMille Society      $100 - $249

            Mr. and Mrs. John and Ann Marie Adonizio

            Michele Amalecki

            Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ameika

            Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Aquilina

            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Arnone

            Theresa Ann Babonis

            John Baffamonte

            Marian and Earl Bailey

            Jessica Balkan

            Anastasia Bass

            Keith T. Bayer

            Sheila Beck

            Mr. & Mrs. William Beekman

            Joan M. Beeunas

            Mr. and Mrs. Frank Belak

            Jim Bisagni

            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Biscontini

            Yvonne Bley-Bekanich

            Dr. and Mrs. Richard Blum

            Ruth & Kim Borland

            James Bower

            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Boyle

            Cassandra Braman

            Mr. Bruce Breiner

            Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brobst

            Mr. and Mrs. James Brozena

            Kathy & Brian Bufalino

            Cathy Caffrey

            Mr. & Mrs. Dale Campbell

            Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carey

            Robert Carrigan

            Leon E. Case and Graysha Harris

            Mr. and Mrs. John Chamberlain

            Ms. Kathleen Chernavage

            Rob and Elaine Coburn

            John Colwell

            Gary Conrad

            Robert E. Conway, DDS

            Beverly Correll

            Thomas and Dorthy Craig

            Anthony and Justine Cresci

            Mr. Mark Cross

            Joseph and Cheryl Dehaut

            Dr. John J. Della Croce

            Carol & Don Dembert

            James Doherty

            Linda Dominick

            Stephen Durk

            Nancy Eaton

            Marcia P. Ebert

            Edward's Garden Center

            Ms. Judith Ellis

            Mr. Stephen Evans

            Eberhard and Mary Louise Faber

            Carmen and Eva Mae Falcone Jr.

            Edward J. Fataicher, Jr.

            Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fletcher

            Albert and Kathy Forlenza

            Dr. and Mrs. Louis Freedman

            Ms. Diane Frusciante

            Maxim and Patricia Furek

            Mary Ann Gallagher

            Mr. and Mrs. John and June Gavenonis

            Mr. James J. Geiger

            Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Giordano

            Monica Gleason

            Ms. Marilyn Glogowski

            Ed and Becky Grasavage

            Gary and Sue Greenfield

            Hilda Griffiths

            John F. Gyory

            Mike Haduck

            David Harris

            Louise S. Hazeltine

            Dale Hazlak

            Jim and Cathy Hilsher

            Candice L. Hoffman

            Mr. Michael Hopkins

            Carla Horoszy

            Mr. Eric Hughes

            Mr. Joseph Jabore

            Carl Jaeger

            Mr. Joseph Janov

            Tony and Renie John

            Donald and Jennie Jones

            George & Maxine Jones

            Basil Kaczmarczyk and Gregory Shanko

            Mary Ann Keirans

            Michele Kessler

            Jean Marie Kile

            Kimberly Klinger

            Vincent & Barbara Kreglewicz

            The Kreig Institute for Early Childhood Education

            Erik and Abbi Kruger

            Donna K

            John and Colleen Kuderka

            Mr. and Mrs. Walt Kuharchik

            Karen Labbate

            Thomas Lagana

            Mr. Kevin Lamont

            Maureen Legg

            Mr. Park Leitzel

            Andrew Lentowski

            Winifred Leslie

            Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lester

            Jack Locker

            Ruth Ann and Andy Logue

            James and Cheryl Longo

            Joseph and Christine Loyek

            Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Gayle Lukas

            Mr. and Mrs. John Lynch

            Albert F. Maier

            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maloney, Jr.

            Ron and Jackie Matthews

            Kimberly McClimons

            Edward J. and Andrea M. McDonnell

            Harry McDonnell

            Joseph & Dawn McHugh

            Christine E. McLaughlin

            Barbara McLeod

            Nancy and Harry Meade

            Manuel Menendez

            Mr. Douglas W. Metzgar

            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell

            Christopher & Dana Moore

            Susan Najaka

            Mr. and Mrs. Joe Napolitano

            Newhart Insurance Agency, Inc.

            Maylan Nicholson

            Santa Maria Niedzwiecki

            Paul and Claudia Niezgoda

            Frank and Lori Nocito

            Dr. Jean P. O'Brien

            Mike & Jill O'Donnell

            Ms. Gail Cramer & Mr. Robert O'Hearn

            Joanne Olejnick

            Timothy D. Olson

            Al Onuschak

            Wayne Oplinger

            Joe and Linda Osolnick

            Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Ott

            Andrew Pace

            Kimberly Paddock

            Joseph and Rose Marie Panzitta

            Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Day Pashinski

            Susan Payavis

            Barry and Mary Payne

            Drs. Shelley and Mark Pensak

            Juliann M. Phillips

            Ms. Kari Pietralczyk

            Donald and Barbara Pissott

            Gabriel Pocceschi

            Susan Pons

            Kerri Potsko

            Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Pyros

            RACO Watch & Jewelry

            Reeves Rent-A-John Incorporated

            Matthew J. Kennedy and David Remetz

            Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts

            Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rothery

            Mr. and Mrs. William A. Runner, Jr.

            Mr. Steven Salerno

            Joseph Schultz

            Charlie & Lisa Scrobola

            Lorraine Sekera

            Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Shaffer

            John and Mary Jo Shalanski

            David M. Shemo, DMD

            Paul Simkulak

            Karen Sirocki

            Stacy Sliziewicz

            Mr. and Mrs. James W. Smith

            Kathleen and Neil Smith

            Richard W. Snowdon

            Ms. Kristina Snyder

            Mr & Mrs. Kenneth Sorick

            Mr. and Mrs. William D. Starr

            Mary Ann Styer

            Tracey Sutliff

            JoAnn Swantkowski

            Tal Phillips Insurance Agency, Inc.

            Atty. and Mrs. Garry Taroli

            Louis Taroli

            J and N Tenneriello

            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Toole

            Mr. and Mrs. Mark Torbik

            Mary Lou and Richard Valenti

            Ms. Patricia D. Varzaly

            Mary Ann Vasell

            Teresa Vojtek

            Patricia and Frank Wadas

            Mark Warshal

            Mr. and Mrs. Leo White

            Theodore Wiaterowski

            Raymond B. Wilde, Jr.

            Dr. Dale Wilkie

            Mr. and Mrs. Rufus G. Williams

            Barbara Wilson

            David & Marylou Woodring

            Paul Yablonski

            John Yakobitis

            Rae Yazdzik

            Bill Yeager

            Mr. Stephen Yenchak

            Marita Youells

            Paul & Rose Anne Yurchak

            Robert and Elaine Zavada

            Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Zeveney, Jr.

            Joel Zitofsky and Ronne Kurlancheek

            Mrs. Walter Zolner, Sr.

            Dr. and Mrs. Edward Zurad


Cynthia Gregory Society $50 - $99  

            Francis Abrams

            Joseph Lawrence Angeles

            Maria Art


            Philip Bagley

            Nancy Baker

            The Charles and Denny Barber Family Fund of the Luzerne Foundation

            Mark Barrouk

            George and Chris Bedwick

            Ms. Marie Belasco

            Mr. and Mrs. Cataldo Bellanca, Jr.

            Mary Ann Belmore

            Dr. and Mrs. J. BenKinney

            Frances Berdy

            Valerie Berzanski

            Duane Bickell

            Mr. and Mrs. James Black

            Linda Bolte

            Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Brenner

            Mr. Anthony T.P. Brooks

            Diana & George Brotschul

            Ed Brudnicki

            Mr. John Bubul

            Ms. Kathleen Buckley

            Eleanor Bucknavage

            Joseph Butkiewicz

            Robert F. Calegari

            Mr. and Mrs. William J. Callahan, Jr.

            Steve and Linda Capie

            Tamara Capone

            Atty. and Mrs. Jerry B. Chariton

            Barbara Cizon

            Steve Dean

            John Demore

            Mr. and Mrs. James Dennis

            Sandy Depoti

            Dombroski Family

            John Donahower

            Joshua Donner

            Jean Donovan

            Chris and Darlene Drake

            Mr. and Mrs. Peter Duszak

            Fred W. Dymond, III

            Jeff Eckhart

            Mrs. Ronald D. Ertley

            John and Danielle Evans

            Val Farny

            Victoria Farrarini

            Dr. and Mrs. Peter Feinstein

            Jean Fey

            Ms. Margaret Floryshack

            Keith N. Flury

            Mr. Tom Foreman

            Mrs. Dianne J. French

            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gaiteri

            Thomas Gercak

            Linda Gilroy

            Dennis Glowacki

            Mr. and Mrs. Francis Glowatski

            Ms. Rose Ann Golaszewski

            Mrs. Marilyn Gordon

            Mrs. Dorene Goryeb

            Mr.and Mrs. George Grantuskas

            Jennifer Gruenloh

            Robert Guyette

            Christopher Haduck

            Linda & Harry Haft

            Suzanne Haile

            Therese Hardiman

            Lucille Harrison

            Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hartz

            Ms. Grace Hassey

            Ms. Theresa Haynos

            Matt & Vicki Heckert

            Ms. Peggy Helveston

            Ms. Joan Hennigan

            Mr. and Mrs. John Hidock

            Debra Hockenberry

            Mr. Joseph Honse

            Thomas & Paula Housenick

            Dr. and Mrs. John Hranitz

            Regina Hrichison

            Ken and Mary Humiston

            Lynda Hunter

            Ellen Hussey

            David P. Hutz, MD

            Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Izenberg

            Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jaffe

            Marie Jellock

            Denice Jones

            Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kaufer

            Alicia Kelley

            Donald C. Kivler

            Kimberly A. Klocko

            Dr. and Mrs. John Koch

            Christopher Kocon

            Ms. Jean Koval

            Michelle Kozicki

            Mr. and Mrs. Doug Kranson

            Maryann Kropiewnicki

            Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lacy

            Brian and Kristin Lenahan

            Ray and Pat Lenahan

            Carl Leonard

            Ann and Ace Levandoski

            John & Marie Levandoski

            Tara & Jonathan Lindsey

            Chuck Lipkin

            John and Janeann Lokken

            Mr. and Mrs. David A. Long

            Mary Ann Ludwig

            Bill J. Lutes

            Thomas J. Mainart

            Constance Mairiono

            Phillip Majewski

            Kevin B. Manning

            Mr. John Marquette

            Catherine Mascelli

            Charlotte Wydock

            Kathryn A. Mauer

            Thomas and Edna McClintock

            Anna McHugh

            Nancy McLain

            Cheryl and Dennis Meek

            Mr. and Mrs.  George Meeker

            Mr. and Mrs. Ted Merli

            Tracey and William Mulrain

            Donna Myers

            Mr. Anthony Nargoski

            Robert Nolan

            Barbara and Chris Norton

            Richard O'Brien

            Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ogren

            Kimberly Ohl

            Mr. Joseph Oliver

            Joann Percosky

            Anthony Piccolo

            NEPA Accounting

            Loretta M. Raven

            James Reeser

            John Ricciardi

            Mary Rinehimer

            David Rivet

            Thomas Robinson

            Robert & Faye Rosenberg

            Nancy Rowlands

            Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rowlands

            Eunice Rubel

            William and Patricia Ruth

            Monica Salerno

            Edward Samsell

            Thomas Sarnoski

            Mickie Savitski-Lacey

            Abigail Sayer

            Steve Scali

            Marjorie Scheers

            Mark Schmitz

            Laurie and David Schwager

            Phyllis Scott

            G. Luke Senior

            Dr. Donald M. Shapiro

            Matthew Shapiro

            Scott Shea

            Mr. and Mrs. Ted Shone

            Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shuta

            Rita Skechus

            Mark Skevofilax

            Leonard & Barbara Skrosky

            Dana Smith

            Mary D. Smith

            Robert and Ellen Smith

            Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Smulyan

            Ann Marie Souchick

            Edward Stanchak

            Shawn Stanford

            Mrs. Alfred Stern

            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stiff

            Jeff Stolarcyk

            Robert Szulborski

            Kristy Taylor

            Donna Theissen

            Robert Toolan

            Tom Truszkowski

            Mr. Carl Urbanski

            Mr. Jay Urbanski

            Linda Vargo

            George Veneroso

            Steve Versuk

            Otis & Nancy Wallhofer

            John Weber

            Paul Wendolowski

            Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Wiesel

            Denise Wilke

            Craig and Leanne Willis

            Charles Winchilla

            James Wojcak

            Laura Wozniak

            David Wright

            Edmund Wun

            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yanoshak

            Sherri Yelen

            Thomas Yoniski

            Irene Yorn

            Patricia M. Zaborsky

            Ms. Edie Zabroski

            Terri Zimmerman


Friends     $1 - $49   

            Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Adams

            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brensha

            Miriam D. Cannon

            Ann Hewitt

            Mr. Robert Jaeger

            Sally Lee and Irwin Sagenkahn

            Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zipay



The F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts receives

state arts funding support through a grant from the Pennsylvania

Council on the Arts, a state Agency funded by

the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National

Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


We regret any omissions or errors that may have occurred

and request that corrections be brought to the attention of

the Development Office at 823-4599 ext. 234